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Located absolutely in the present at all times,...was Robert Levy, who conducted a series of difficult works with commendable awareness, conviction, and esprit.
--- Composers and Choreographers Theatre Review, NY

The stunning control, the unflagging discipline, the precision of articulation and the (almost too) careful placement of each note is most extraordinary for a band from a university numbering only 1100 students...the entire production is a tribute to superb coaching by a sensitive conductor....
---American Record Guide

----Trumpet Performance----

Handel's Royal Fireworks Music gave us first trumpeter Robert Levy...doing first rate work.
---The Post Crescent, Appleton, Wisc.

Robert Levy delivered an engrossing, often moving performance on trumpet.
---The Montreal Gazette

Robert Levy shows himself to be an excellent musician ---Stereo Review

The Elegy for trumpet and Tape/Arp is a stunning work of searing intensity and this has to be a definitive, ultimate performance. ---The New Records

Robert Levy, a fine trumpet player, plays striking solo lines from the front...  ---The Village Voice, NY

It was apparent in all of Levy's playing that he knows his stuff, and he's to be admired for his endurance, not weakening perceptibly throughout an evening of hard, hard works ---Composers and Choreographers Theatre Review, NY

Levy once again proved himself to be a master of avante-garde techniques with his superlative handling of all the labyrinthian difficulties posed by Extensions. ---International Trumpet Guild Journal

The trumpet and marimba hardly could have better virtuoso performers than Levy and Stout. The Wilder work is filled with untold difficulties for the trumpet, and Levy negotiated the passages flawlessly last night. ---Richmond News-Leader
----Record Reviews----

Robert Levy presents here a recording of great variety and musical diversity, highlighting the wide range of the solo trumpet...Throughout the album, Levy maintains a consistently high level of performance and seems entirely comfortable...he proves most enjoyable as a performer, allowing his warm lyricism to come to the fore as it does so effectively in Wilder's music...a worthwhile addition to the trumpet player's library. ---International Trumpet Guild Journal

Levy is presented in a series of contemporary pieces for the trumpet. The LP is in a class by itself...Levy,..is endowed with a very great technique that enables him to surmount the challenge of the music with real class. ---Cedar Rapids Gazette

The true dedication...to contemporary music is fully revealed in these excellent performances... a valuable reference tool for school libraries, as well as delightful listening. ---Music and Artists Magazine, NY

This recording displays the talented virtuosity of Mr. Levy in a number of excellently performed contemporary works...the performances are without exception, scrupulously coherent, technically highly professional and musically delivered with a creative yet accurate touch... an excellent addition to any record library, both for the excellence of performance and the variety of works.
---The Composer Magazine

Performance: very good...the performers handle their exacting assignments in a first-rate way. ---Stereo Review


Gestures is recommended for advanced college-level students and professional players due to the extreme range and demanding flexibility required. While the advanced player will find it challenging in these respects, each movement is well-crafted and fairly short, making it an attractive addition to a solo recital...
---Joseph Bowman, D.M.A. student, Arizona State University

More esoteric still, but with occasional romantic overtones, was Robert Levy's Variations for Solo Cello, an austere yet sensuous work that fairly trembled with interior contradictions.
---The Milwaukee Journal


Perhaps the greatest tribute trumpeter Bob Levy pays Alec Wilder is the judiciousness he displays in handling Wilder's music. Though he possesses a wonderful facility on his instrument and could undoubtedly solo rings around these changes, Levy generally trusts Wilder's melodies to speak for themselves, and places his improvisations separate from and of secondary importance to a full, lovingly precise statement of the melody...a wistful, yearning Blackberry Winter.

All these playing modes and groupings display the multifaceted talents of Levy...For sheer variety of presentation, Levy is a wonder. he is able to switch styles with ease and is comfortable in all of them...this musical smorgasbord [Crossover] has many bright moments.

A breath of fresh air [Jazz Composers Alliance-Flux ] amongst the revivalism prevalent in jazz.
---The Boston Herald

In all, this [Ken Schaphorst-When the Moon Jumps] is one of the most excitingly provocative large ensemble ventures that I've heard in years.
---Jazz Times

----Flex Ensemble----

Spontaneity and improvisation were combined with modern dance and unusual music.  The end result was an unique extemporaneous composition. ---Kaukauna Times

It's all spontaneous. it just evolves... it was more than I even expected. ---The Post Crescent, Appleton, Wisc.

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